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Реклама на сайтах All-Hotels.ru и RHA.ru

Information of advertisement rates on .
Services offered for hotels are closely described on Services for Hotels
All rates are in rubles exclusive of tax

Information Text-Graphic Block

Text-graphic block is an image (photo or logotype) with brief covering text and indirect web link of a detailed description of service or object advertisement.
Position on the serverBlock widthRate
Main page1/314000
Main page2/330000
Main page100%70000
One of the main sections1/36500
One of the main sections2/316000
One of the main sections100%36000

Placement of ads in virtual exhibition «Everything for Hotels and Restaurants»

Exhibit is represented in exhibition by unlimited number of photos, description and contact information
ServiceRate per exhibitComment
Standard placement5000 rub/yearExhibits range in alphabetic order
Priority-oriented placement in subject subsection of exhibition13000 rub/yearExhibit is shown on the first page of exposition in its subject subsection
Priority-oriented placement in exhibition45000 rub/yearExhibit is shown on the first page of exposition of the whole exhibition and of its subject subsection. Besides, exhibit is shown on the main and other pages of All-Hotels.ru

Extra services

Bold font marking-out of the hotel in the list of hotels15000Rate per year. Marking-out in such a way hotels are extra shown as a text-graphic block (equally probable one by one) on the page of list of hotels on the site .
Hotel marking-out is made on all setellite sites .
Advertising location and expert rights in section Expert Answers2000Rate per year
Inquiry, voiting5000Rate per year
Page proof and article placement in section Publications on 2000The article may contain graphic images and simple tables.
Annonce placement of periodical, tourist and hotel subject6000Rate per year.

Discounts for carrying out of advertising drive

Discount typeAmount of a discountComment
Discounts for advertisement agencies
Introductory discount for advertisement agencies25%Act for agencies as the first advertisement placement. Period discount is added.
Discounts for advertisement agencies for repeated advertisement placement40%Act as repeated advertisement placement in case of the cost of previous advertising drive being more than 50000 rubles. Period discount isn't added.
Discounts for hospitality units
Discounts for placement10%For hotel chains, hotels, sanatoriums, hotel holidays, rest houses, apartments and etc. Period discount is added.
Discounts for members of Russian Hotel Association40%Mentioned above discounts aren't added.

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